Ahead of Mother’s Day this weekend, we sat down with now mum of four Lindy Rama-Ellis who since coming onto the Australian Fashion scene over a decade ago, has fast become one of the industry’s most loved & recognised faces. Splitting her time between Bali & Australia, Lindy is Mum to Stella, Rocco, Frankie & Goldie – here she talks balancing a fledging career, raising a family with husband Adam Ellis across continents & the journey it took to get to a place she now sights as her happiest yet.

You have recently become a mother for the fourth time, how has this experience differed from when you first welcomed your eldest, Stella, into the world?

I am a much calmer mum than I was 13 years ago, and I think that seems to be quite a common thing amongst mothers. Being a brand-new mum is a daunting experience, so with the birth of each of my babies I have definitely become calmer, understood more and found the process to have felt a lot smoother. Between Stella and Goldie the rule book has changed so much, I find myself constantly Googling to get the answers now.

There are times however where you need to not worry about what the official word is, and actually just go with your gut instinct. I am really enjoying being a mum to a younger baby again, who is almost 2 now!


Amidst of working and raising a family, what is the greatest lesson that you have learnt and how do you  find balance between the two? 

It is definitely hectic and finding that balance is something I am still trying to work out.

I still don’t have the formula quite right as each day presents a new set of challenges, be it making plans for each of the kids, keeping track of the long list of school activities or playing constant chauffeur. However, there is definitely a sense of ease that has come with it as the kids have grown.

 Having a good team behind you is so incredibly important, whether that be support from your family, a girlfriend or hired help. You can’t do everything yourself and I’ve learnt it’s ok to put your hand up and ask for help when it gets too much.

I try to show my kids how hard I work, but also that I have the ability to switch off and enjoy my time with them as well, it’s so important.

Your mother has had quite an influence on your life, how has this played a role in what you pass down to your own children?

I have definitely learnt a lot from my mum. Lots of people want to take the good bits from their parents and try to make up for all the bad bits, but I don’t necessarily look at it that way.

With my kids I don’t intently show them anything, and instead let them learn from seeing the way I go about living my life.

I’ve never been one to force feed advice but would rather them see how my husband Adam and I live each day- the way we enjoy one another’s company, and the love we have for being with our family. I think sometimes the greatest lesson you can give your children is for them to witness things, rather than hear words

From your experience, what are the differences between raising boys and girls?

I had never actually thought about that as I didn’t know the genders of my children throughout my pregnancies. What I would say is that it’s so important to raise your children differently depending on their individual personality. It doesn’t matter as much if they are a boy or girl, but rather who they are as a person. All my three of my daughters are so unique, so I’ve had to raise each of them quite differently. My advice would be to work with their personalities, see how they develop and go instinctively from there.

What is one piece of advice that you have for a new mum?

There is so much advice to give! Try to enjoy the moment and find one or two people who you trust enough to look to for information and support. Everyone has an opinion or something to say about the do’s & don’ts of parenting, and this can be really confronting during what is often such a vulnerable time. So rather than getting caught up in what everyonearound you is saying, listen to your close circle and your gut instinct.

Fashion obviously plays significant role in your life between your brand and being a influencer. How has your style evolved through motherhood?

I have had the same sort of style for the last 13 years, since I fell pregnant with Stella. I feel I have my go-to uniform but have adapted that over time. How I dressed in my 20s is completely different compared to my 30s or 40s. I think I have a lot more of a sense of style in my 40s now, than I did in my 20s. I’ve always been a relatively casual dresser, but nowadays as any mother will understand it has naturally become more kid friendly and practical.





What is you go to everyday outfit? (that makes you feel good but is also practical for your life with the kids?)

Right now, I am wearing a basic denim jumpsuit, which is probably a little hot for Bali.

In Australia my everyday outfit would be skinny leg jeans with flats or trainers, paired back with a button up shirt and a blazer.





What are three things that you indulge in to take care of yourself?

I go to the gym every morning. I love having that undisrupted hour to myself where I don’t have to look at my phone and I can just prepare and plan for the day. I also have a regular massage, I love doing that and I am so fortunate to be in Bali for that reason.

I always make sure to take time out for my husband and I, looking to divide your schedule up a little so that you have time with the family but also moments with just the two of you together is really special.

What is your favourite SKYE & staghorn piece from our recent collection?

I love the Isla Asymmetrical Full Piece from your latest Blanco collection – both the colours and the design. I actually discovered Stella recently stole it! She took all my swimwear to surf camp and I didn’t realise until her teacher sent me the photos..!