A boutique Australian swimwear label dedicated to bold design & unique detailing.  

Growing up with long sun-drenched summers on the coast of Western Australia and memories of playing in her mother’s swimwear closet, designer Dakota Gilbert was always drawn to create and chase the sun.

After spending a number of years working in the fashion industry in Australia & London and adventuring through ocean-loving cultures around the world, Dakota returned home to Western Australia with the vision to create a luxe swimwear line the world hadn’t seen before. 

Known for its fusion of sleek designs, mix of quality fabrics and most recently its embellishments, SKYE & Staghorn has cemented itself as a leader in the Swimwear Industry both locally and abroad. 

Staying true to her original vision, the label’s focus is to continually release unique new designs made from custom prints, sophisticated details and a mix of hard-working materials.