STAGHORN MUSE: Danielle & Nicole


Danielle and Nicole from When Words Fail are twin lifestyle and fashion bloggers hailing from Sydney, well known for their effortless and co-ordinated style. The sisters are passionate about travel, health and you won’t ever find them far from the beach. We recently talked with the girls about their idyllic recent trip to the Maldives. Here they discuss their summer essentials, finding inspiration, and how they define beauty.
You recently travelled to the gorgeous Maldives, what was the highlight of your trip?

Being able to wake up in pure paradise in our over water bungalows!

What summer essentials would we find in your beach bag?

Sunscreen, Turkish towel, reusable water bottle and Calbee Harvest snaps (we’re obsessed).
You obviously use fashion and photography to express your creativity, what inspires you both as creatives?

So many things inspire us! We are inspired by cultures when we travel, but mostly day to day Tumblr and Pinterest and our favourite instagram accounts inspire us.

As you work in an industry that can be so consumed with image, what do you think makes a women truly beautiful?

To us being beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean your physical looks. We think being honest and kind makes any woman beautiful.
What do you look for in a swimsuit, do you prefer bikini’s or one pieces?

DANIELLE: Bikini! NICOLE: One piece - especially after eating lunch on a summers day, you can hide any bloating.

What is your favourite piece from our latest SKYE & staghorn collection?

NICOLE: The Isla Asymmetrical Full Piece in Blanco. DANIELLE: The Tori V Pant + Layla Asymmetrical Crop in Blanco.


Danielle wears the Layla Asymmetrical Crop and Tori V Pant in Blanco.

Nicole wears the Isla Asymmetrical Full Piece in Blanco