Sitting comfortably between salt of the earth and glamour, influencer come model Emily Yates has become as well known for her beauty and style as she has her down to earth humour over the years. A serious taste for wanderlust has seen this Perth born, Townsville raised ‘Aussie it girl’ draw followers in with her love of far flung destinations, tonal interiors & the beauty regime of dreams. In the last year Emily’s added Mum & Wife to her ever evolving CV and is currently working on expanding her nest in Byron Bay. We sat down with this SS favourite to get to know here a little more & see what 2020 looks to have in store.

You've attracted a loyal following across IG over the years for your down to earth nature & hilarious sense of humour, how do you stay grounded?

Oh wow, what a compliment! Thank you so much. I don’t really think about being “real” or down to earth, it’s more that my personality is so overwhelmingly ME. My husband, family and friends definitely keep me down to earth. .

As someone who is always creating new content, how do you stay original and where do you seek inspiration?

I guess I seek inspiration from everywhere. I try to see the art and beauty in everything I do, even it’s just as simple as making dinner. The small moments in life are just as beautiful as the big, loud ones. They all have magic if you take the time to slow down and look for it. I’m inspired by light, textures, and colours. I’m inspired more by a feel, than by individual people.
How would you describe your personal style?

Oh god, I’m not sure I have my own personal style as such! I love absolutely everything. One day I can put on a minimalist & tonal outfit, and the next be in a sheer, glitter figure hugging dress! Lately I’ve been making a huge move towards Sustainable fashion. So instead of buying ten things, I’ll buy one, potentially more expensive but infinitely better-quality product. And I find I than keep that forever as it’s something I can wear over and over. So, I guess that has had an impact on my personal style. Longevity. Quality. Individuality.

Who is your style or creative muse? And what are some of your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

I have soooo many ! But those I particularly love:

@wolfcubwolfcub - she is the ultimate photo wizard and an awesome person

@emilisindlev always the funnest fashion pieces!

@mariejedig accessories baby

@viancasoleil her eye for light is beyond incredible

@discodaydream tones and textures

@bellathomas the ultimate girl muse
You've recently become a Mum for the first time (congrats! Fox is adorable) How are you finding life as a family of 3?

Oh thank you! It’s such a wild ride. So incredibly amazing, and at the same time so incredibly exhausting. It’s definitely my hardest role to date. He’s still so little so I’m excited to watch him change and grow and become his own person. I actually still cannot fathom that he grew inside me! Women are incredible.

How do you maintain a healthy mind and body in an industry that can be so concerned with image?

To be honest I don’t give a flying fuck - I’ve always been an intrinsically positive person. I don’t really have much head noise when it comes to that stuff. If I FEEL good in my skin, and I’m healthy and happy than nothing else matters to me. My husband thinks I’m beautiful no matter what, and that’s all I care about. I would rather my intentions and character be spoken about, rather than the shell they’re housed in. Nothing is more beautiful to me than a good heart, a big smile and compassion.

Secret or hidden talent?

I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with just my tongue

"I would rather my intentions and character be spoken about, rather than the shell they’re housed in. Nothing is more beautiful to me than a good heart, a big smile and compassion."

As someone who travels so often for work, what are your top 3 destinations?

Italy - always and forever.

Raja Ampat in Indonesia - it’s the last untouched pristine marine wilderness left. The raw beauty is breathtaking.

New Zealand, South Island - Nature at its most dramatic

If you could fly in one meal from anywhere in the world what would it be?

Pasta from Italy. Hands down.

We have major skin envy, what are your must have products coming into summer?

P50 by Biologique Rechere for breakouts and Clarity. Aspect Vitamin C Serum. Weleda skin food for intense hydration. Osmosis Vitamin A Serum for overnight.
We have seen you dabbling more in photography lately. Anything exciting on the horizon for 2020 that you can share with us?

We’re going to spend the summer in Europe and work on some really cool projects! I love working with film and the excitement that comes with getting a roll developed. As for sharing you- will just have to wait and see!

We have worked together for a number of years, what has been your favourite Skye & Staghorn style to date?

I would have to say the La Rose print just released! It’s so fun and unique, and something I will wear years to come!